COVID-19 Policy

The Culinary Creative Group follows the guidance of the Denver Department of Health and will re-evaluate the following policies and procedures if any Public Health Orders are reissued. We consider the health and safety of our team, our community, and our guests when implementing these policies.


  • A risk score is calculated based on the case-incidence rate for Denver and surrounding areas, and average cover counts. Stores and staff with lower risk scores are permitted to not work in a mask depending on their personal risk tolerance.
  • All employees continue to work in a mask as long as the case-incidence rate for Denver and surrounding areas is greater than 0.1%
  • We follow CDC guidance in regards to requiring staff and guests to wear masks and face coverings based upon Hospital occupancy, and best practices.


Employee Wellness: 

  • All staff complete a wellness check before coming to work, employees that are feeling unwell are given time off and permitted to return to work once their symptoms have resolved.
  • The Culinary Creative Group offers all employees Paid Time Off, in case of illness or direct exposure, or if they are caretakers of someone that is ill or has been exposed. 
  • Employees that wish to work without a mask need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We strongly recommend that eligible staff get boosted, as it has shown to drastically decrease the length and severity of symptomatic covid.
  • In the event of a direct exposure to COVID-19, staff follow CDC protocols concerning quarantine and testing to clear before coming back into service.



  • Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between guest visits.
  • All of our restaurants are professionally cleaned and sanitized daily by an independent service.
  • Where capable, we upgrade air ventilation and cycling rates for our makeup and HVAC systems.
  • We conduct regular training with staff concerning best practices for food prep and clean service and are a close partner with the Denver DOHE and have assisted with efforts concerning employee wellness and contract tracing.


Updated: March 2022